SoCal Python


Guidelines for SoCal Python presenters

Note If you are interested in presenting at a future meetup, please fill out this form

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the Python community!
  • Please speak within the allocated time frame which should not be over 30 minutes. Timing while practicing beforehand is strongly recommended.
  • You may request Q&A time afterward, but this is optional
  • Please prepare your slides such that you can use them even if wifi is unavailable/unreliable
  • Please bring, or make sure the meetup organizers have, the correct A/V hookup from your computer to the projector
  • Please keep in mind the Code of Conduct and make sure the content of your presentation and slides is appropriate for our audience! NSFW images, innuendo, and jabs at other languages/cultures are unprofessional and inappropriate for this venue
  • Please assign a trusted person to evaluate your talk from both technical and delivery standpoints.