SoCal Python


So you want to sponsor a SoCal Python meetup

First off: Thank you for supporting the local Python community!

What we look for in a venue sponsor:

  1. Meeting time/date: we generally meet on the last Tuesday of the month, from 7pm-9pm. We are happy to be flexible as needed, though!
  2. Adequate room capacity: Our attendance varies month to month, depending on the location, anywhere from 30 to 100 people.
  3. Meeting space should have a projector/screen + appropriate AV equipment for presenters to deliver their talks.
  4. Preferably, the venue sponsor will also provide food/drink at the meetup, though if this is not possible we can work with you to find a separate food sponsor. See food sponsorship info below
  5. Decent parking situation. Will parking validation be provided, or is there ample street/metered parking nearby? Are you near any Metro stops?
  6. Please mention any special accommodations, such as whether the attendees need to submit their real names, security sign ins and etc. Note: We currently do not meet at venues that ask the members to sign an NDA.
  7. Please let us know whether serving alcohol at the meetup venue is allowed.

What we need to know if you are a food/drink sponsor:

  1. Meetup attendance is generally about 50% of the number who RSVP on Food for 50 people costs about $500, drinks can range from $50-100, depending on whether alcohol (if permitted) will be served.
  2. Please discuss food options with the organizers to accommodate various dietary needs:
    • foods containing lactose (pizza)
    • pre-made foods (sandwiches and wraps which may contain allergens)
    • vegetarian and vegan options

Here is what sponsors get in return for hosting a meetup:

  1. Time during the meetup to briefly pitch the company, make hiring announcements
    • One sponsor recently hired two people from hosting a single meetup! Another sponsor spoke with six excited candidates.
  2. Prominent name/logo placement on our meetup slides (please provide us with a logo suitable for 1080p projection)
  3. Priority for speakers who work for the sponsor who want to give presentations at the meetup, if the presenter has not been chosen before the sponsor approaches us.
  4. Warmest, fuzziest feelings for contributing to the local Python community!

To get started, please contact the organizers via Meetup